Monday, December 13, 2010

Blow Dry Perfector by Garnier Fructis

So i saw the commercial for this hair straightener that's supposed to last up to 7 shampoos keeping your hair frizz free:
The first thing I noticed was a list of warnings on the box: do not use on damaged hair, chemically processed hair, bleached or highlighted hair, relaxed with lye or no-lye, do not use on hair that is breaking, splitting, if you have had a reaction to Thol, do not use if you have an irritated or damaged scalp, it repeats do not use it on relaxed hair, and to wait at least 14 days after coloring, bleaching or perming hair....but with all that aside i tried it anyway!

In side the box it looks like this:
products and the manuel with gloves

Step 1 is shampoo hair, do not condition and towel-dry hair:
using a normal shampoo, nothing special
luke-warm water neither hot or cold
i shampoo my roots only, when washing the shampoo out it runs over the rest of your hair washing it so it's less dry

towel-dry hair means not dripping wet but still damp
Step #2 is to apply product 1:

called smooth and is the active ingredient 
put on the provided gloves
not very big, if my hair was any longer i would need 2!
this stuff really smells bad! like rotten eggs!
it's pretty goopy, the manuel said it was runny but it wasn't
only apply the product from the middle to the ends, not close to the scalp or it will burn!
clip hair up and wait 20 min for fine hair and 30 for coarse and thick, i did about 25
Step #3 is to wash the product out with luke-warm water and do not shampoo, towel-dry:
whew! my hair reeks! so happy to wash this stuff out!
hmm my ends look damaged..
towel-dry again
Step #4 is to apply bottle 2 and blow dry hair:
my hair-dryer, got it at Sally's it's a Jilbere Tourmaline i love it
apply a light layer of bottle 2 to the hair, it helps with the smell and is starting to make it feel less damaged...
is using a wide-toothed comb first to detangle and distribute product evenly
blow-dry hair in small sections
use a brush that can pull your hair tight so it gets straighter
in a downward motion follow the brush going from roots to tip never up and down
first layer done and it looks the same i can't tell a difference except my hair is so dry now
another layer done..still not a huge difference
totally done blow drying and it looks like it normally does but so dry! it really damaged my hair :(
The last step it says to flat iron your hair and after every wash to blow dry and what does the product do again? What's the point if you have to blow dry and straighten it? ah well...
my hair straightener also got at Sally's it's by Tool Science and it can get up to 450!
straighten section by section..i can tell some difference it's faster to straighten although my hair is really very dry
all done!
Final verdict: TERRIBLE! i don't get the point of this product if you still have to blow dry and straighten your hair after washing!
-it also removed some of the black dye from my hair!! i have sections where it's tinged red!
-my hair is so dry now it's terrible i can't wait to deep condition my poor hair
-smells soooooo bad!! the whole house reeked of like fart and burnt hair

Do not buy this product! i think it was like 12 dollars and you will spend allot more than that deep conditioning and re-coloring your hair!! i haven't dyed my hair in 6 months! geez...crap crap crapy product.

Monday, December 6, 2010

DIY Gel Nails

Doing your own gel-nails is very easy! Especially when you've had your nails done before and can compare a nail technicians work to your own!
All these products you can buy at Sally's.

First use nail polish remover to clean your nails even if you have no nail polish on:
my nails are so short! i bite them :( fake nails help allot w/ this bad habit!
Then wash your nails with soap to sanitize them, focusing on your cuticles and under the nails:
Dry your nails very well!  And if your nails are soft from the water I like to wait a while otherwise the filing and buffing can hurt (i have super thin nails):

I buy my nail tips from Sally's they cost about 6 dollars, i'm going to be using my white tips but i also really like the natural and clear tips:

Then you will also need a file, a buffer, nail glue and scissors or nail clippers:

You can buy files and buffers at Sally's that say on the sign they're for artificial nails and the nails glue i'm using is a no-clog glue, it takes longer to dry but i hate glue that clogs!

Now buff all your nails so the glue and nail tip will stick better:

After buffing your whole nail, including tip it's time to measure the tip to fit the nail. Look at your nail and find where your nail bed ends and where the white part of your nail grows, you will glue the tip above this point.  Too low and your natural nail growth will contrast to the tip:

I like to lay out all of the tips so I don't get them confused and start with my whole left hand then do my right:

 Buff underneath the tip so it adheres better to your nail, apply a drop glue to the bottom and press and hold down firmly into your nail:

Creepy long nails!

Now use your scissors or a nail clipper to cut the nails close to the desired length, i leave some room for filling because if you cut one nail too short then they will all have to be sort so its safer to file them down:

After trimming all your nails file all the edges.  File the sided, the tip to whatever shaper and the top where the tip is glued to your nail and file it down until it blends evenly and isn't raised:
The nail on the left has been filed and you can tell it looks more cohesive to my nail then the other nail.

Buff your whole nail, natural and tip so the tip isn't shiny and all the rough edges from the filing are gone:

The gel and the gel spray you can also but at Sally's which both are like 9 dollars each and will last you a couple of months depending on if you break a nail and growth:
 When applying the gel i do it 3 times, once just covering my natural nail, then just on the tip, then lightly over the whole nail:
Applying the gel just to the pink part of the nail

Spray the nail twice to cure it

gelled nail!

Apply gel to the tip, covering the whole tip in a thin layer.  Applying the gel too thickly will make it run onto your skin and can adhere to it!
Spray twice!  Each time you apply the gel spray twice.  Working in smaller increments will insure no gel gets on the skin.

After all the gel is dried its all lumpy and bumpy but you file and buff that all away so no worries!

File the sides, around the cuticle, and the tip to create a smooth look like at the nail salon:

Then buff the whole top of the nail to smooth it out, lots and lots of buffing!

Buffed on the left vs. not buffed

After buffing the heck out of your nails wash them and dry them to get all the powder off and apply clear nail polish:
insta dry by Sally Hanson

Ta-Da!! DIY gel nails! So easy and cheap and no one will know!!!