Friday, August 27, 2010

Hair extension dying, buying, and creating clip-ins!

Hey Everyone! 
I just ordered a new set of extensions i'm going to make into clip-ins which is what i always do with mine, and will be getting them on friday! So many people ask me how i do it so now they will know and so will you!
I will also post how and where i buy them and i'm going to dye these ones to create the OMBRE look which is big right now! Changing your hair without dying it is amazing so if you want a new look without dying your hair soon you will know!

the picture i took to the salon

I'll show you a picture of how my hair is without the clip-ins that i made and how long and full my hair is with them in!

my hair when straight barely touches the top of my shoulders

ta-da! instant fun hair that you can add or remove whenever you want and no one will know!!


  1. Hey doll, thanks for following me! I love following new blogers like myself :) Your hair looks beautiful! I've been wanting extensions sooo bad but I think I'll start w/ clip-ins first. That's pretty cool that you make your own too, I bet it saves a buncha $$! Xoxo

  2. yeah it really does save money!! i did the actual sow-in weaves but it cost so so much and the hair didn't last very long so i came up with clip-ins! i can't wait to get them it's so fun and its not that hard!

  3. wow, SO gorgeous!!


  4. i really like your natural haircut but wow those extensions add some great volume.

  5. you look great with long hair ! come and check my profile and follow it if you like it!

  6. You look great either way! The extensions give more of a dramatic feel to your look though. I like it. :)

  7. you look lovely. xx

  8. Amazing! Your hair looks so beautiful now and also before! Love it! And I also love the colour!

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