Thursday, November 11, 2010

Creating your own clip-ins!

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Why create your own clip-ins?
-more hair, better hair, more natural looking and you have extra hair left over just in case!
-don't buy them from Sally's or any another place, the hair is so cheap and you don't get that much, the more hair you have means more blending and more natural looking!!

So, you have gone to the salon and got your package, ream, of hair.  When you take it out it will be in one long strip:
(don't buy from haha! i just used their image)

Now depending on your hair length naturally you will either have to buy 2 reams or 1. Or if you just want really thick hair :)
If your hair barely touches your shoulders, buy 2.

If your hair is shorter or want thicker hair this is how many clip-in strands you will need:
(black Yaky with gold highlights!)
You will need 4 for the back of your head and 3 for each side!  Hence why you need 2 packages.

If your hair is longer and you mainly want length 1 package will do:
(my faded ones in Yaky)
These are 3 in the back and 2 on each side.

When measuring out the hair you will need a ruler and i use a crayon in a light color to mark the hair at the desired length and then you will cut!
(this is why buying from a salon IS SO IMPORTANT! Before you cut the hair it has to be exactly what you want cuz no returns after you cut it!!)

For the back of your head the standard length is 6 inches, i made mine a few centimeters longer because i have a big head:

Cut the hair and then cut ANOTHER strand the same length, you will be sowing 2 STRANDS TOGETHER to create 1 clip-in strip.  This is especially important for shorter hair it will blend allot better.  I even did 3 6-inch strips sown together for major sexy thickness!

ok, so you will need 3 6-inch strands for shorter/thick hair and 2 6-inch strands for longer so lets do come math...that's 6-9 6-inch strands for shorter/thick hair and 4 6-inch strands for longer.
Sounds like allot but trust me it will look amazing!!!

The final clip-in strip for the back of your head is going to be shorter, 4-inch is average:
Ok, so for this last strip...
For shorter/thicker hair cute 2 4-inch strands to sow together and for longer hair you only need 1 4-inch strand.

now for the sides!!
All 6 or 4 clip-in strip can be either 2-2 1/2 inches in length

(dumb thing wont post the last clip-in) but this is what a 2-2 1/2 inch one will look like except longer this is a 1-inch clip in so you will have 2 clips on the strip not one.
If you have shorter/thicker hair you will need to make 6 2-2 1/2 inch strips all 2 pieces thick so cut 12 2-2 1/2 inch strips.
If you have longer hair you will need to make 4 2-2 1/2 inch strips all 2 pieces thick so cut 8 2-2 1/2 inch strips.

Whew! So now get you hair thread from Sally's and a thick needle and sow, sow, sow 'till your fingers hurt!
You can buy this thread in all main hair colors.  Why sow the hair strips together? Thicker hair means more camouflage! It's allot of work and allot of hair but you want to look good right? and not have people go wow! you obviously have extensions..

After you have sown all the designated strips together... now add the snap-clips!
You can also buy these in various hair colors, you can buy them at Sallys or go on E-bay and buy allot more for allot less :) because all of the back of the head strips will have 3 clips in each strip. Two on each end and one in the middle!

For the side strips you will need 2 clips sown on each strip:
One on each end!
Yes it's allot of clips and metal on your head but it will look good!! I have been doing this for years and have no problems:) I sleep with them on and go through airport metal detectors and they don't go off!

So that's it! I will post how i wash them and put them into my hair next!


  1. Awe you are so beautiful with or without extensions! ♥

  2. wow! this is so helpful and informative! I'm impressed, Ive always wanted to get extensions but I was a bit confused.. I'll look back to this before I get them.. thanks!
    Great blog, Im following (:

    check out my beauty blog if you likee

  3. wow, very cool!! I've always been so curious about how to do this!! Great blog- now following you!