Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Colors I've Been Through

I've been dying my hair myself since middle school, I started doing my hair myself when stylists would charge me double for having so much thick, curly hair.  And when I wanted to go from black to blonde I flat-out got all "no's".  So here are some photos of what I've done, used, love and hate and wont ever do again! (platinum)

My black colored hair:
Black is the easiest to match for extensions and it's what i always turn to when i don't like the current color, the only problem i have with black color is i look pale and end-up tanning like crazy (very tan in the pic!) and black absorbs light so it looks dull.
My fav. black hair dyes:
Dariya Palty a Japanese hair dye which is amazing!! the color is glossy and after going blonde it really repaired my hair, i've never gone back to any other hair dye after using Palty.  You can buy it on Ebay for like 10 dollars and it's worth it, smells amazing!
a blue-black hair color which is so dark! but it's fun :) can get dull quickly though and a pain to get out.
black leather color, a more natural color than the blue black above but i like Palty more this dye was good but not great, my hair just dulled out after a month

I've also dyed my hair brown in 2 shades that i always go back to: (don't mind the picture it's really all i could find!)
I use loreal hair expertisse (sp?) color in Biscotti and i think the other is Brioche

which both are amazing and when i'm not blonde or black i use the Loreal highlighting boxes, they work great and really fun!  That picture is so stupid! ugh sorry everyone haha! my old comp. broke and i found this on a friends Fbook page so's terrible.

And i've had red hair, i also used a Loreal highlighting box in Cinnamon Stick and i loved it!
This was a much lighter red color i just went over the Cinnamon Stick color with an ash blonde after one color strip of course, but i still think it's red
 such a fun red color!

And then I've had blonde hair and platinum,

I'm on the right

this was about 2 years and my now Fiance mike! Platinum!
The blonde hair colors i've used:
For the more golden color i tried Loreal Dream Blonde in Sunflower Princess (love this color!):
And for platinum i used ION cream colors with 30 Vol. developer:

So those are the majority of hair colors i have gone though! all done by myself! i have hair color ADD i can never just keep one color for  year so i'm sure it will be changing soon:)

here are some hair dying products i have used, so i love, some i hate!
The best black hair dye i have ever used and i really want to try the other colors down below:
especially this color i'm really liking! 

the color is called Milk Tea Brown and it's so cute!
And when i bleach my hair i want to also try their bleach products:
Sparkling Blonde bleach, the highest lift.

The #1 best product I live by when changing my hair color either lighter or darker is Loreal Color Zap:
and the worst color remover i've tried and it smelled terrible and didn't remove enough color which is by ION:
The bleach and developer i've used and did the job but i want to try something better (palty!) Clairol in 30 Vol. never 40!! and Loreal bleach...worked but i dunno left my hair so dry:

I hope to be changing my hair color again hopefully the Palty colors!!  I have dark roots and dying my hair lighter colors Palty is made for, it works best for people who have naturally black or dark hair since it was designed for black hair.  It's really amazing :)

Which color??!! So hard to chose!!!!
This one is cute i like the ashy-ness of the color, i think it's like a shade darker the the milk tea brown..
This one i warmer and really does look like a maple doughnut!
the color i've always wanted to try! but i don't want to be's a bit light so i don't know yet
such a cute red! i love it also! maybe if the other colors i don't like i'll use this as my back-up
this color to me has almost a pink hue to it which i think is called's really cute!

They are all so cute! any opinions??


  1. I'm thinking about coloring my hair myself...

  2. i love changing my hair color, it's so fun!

  3. Yeah it's so much fun to color your hair..I love it been doing for such a long time...and I never get bored with my hair color cause it's different every time! LOL! Love the colors you've been through they all look good on you!!


  4. I have been coloring my hair for the longest time as well, all those colors suit you very well. :)


  5. You look gorgeous with all hair colors! Not many people can pull of any color. I am really loving the really dark hair though! it makes your eyes pop!