Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Washing your Hair Extensions

Your hair extensions can be washed less then your natural hair.  I wash mine every two weeks or if i have styled them heavily for a special event.  If you have oily hair make sure to spray the roots of the extensions with hair powder lightly every couple of days to make sure the glue stays intact.  Maintaining your hair extensions properly will allow them to last years and years!
So general rule of thumb: no oil, no oil, no oil!

Remove all your hairies and tie them with a rubber band at the top:
Chose a generic shampoo for washing your hairies.  Like i said nothing with added oils.  And you don't need a shampoo made for extensions, just a plain, cheap-o one will do:
I use the same shampoo for my curly hair for this, Victoria Secrets So Sexy curl shampoo.  You can use one for straight or fine hair as well.  I just like the Victoria Secret hair products because they smell good and you can get a shampoo, conditioner and product for like 23 bux! And i have used so many damn shampoos so this brand i actually like.

Using cool water, not hot not freezing, fill your bathroom sink with enough water to fully submerged the hair:
And add about a quarter amount of shampoo into the water and mix it around to dilute it. Don't apply shampoo directly to the extensions!  this will make the extensions dry and with no natural oils being absorbed into the extensions they need to be gently shampooed.

place the extensions roots in the water first and swish the water around them. Do not rub them or scrunch the soapy water into the clips.  Like i said this will dry out the extensions so be gentle!  you just want to clean them so they don't smell like an oily head...you know the smell.

lifting the extensions roots up out of the water wash the middle and ends of the hair, again just gently swishing the water around them, gently cleansing them.  These ones have been partially died black so they bleed purple into the water ( yes you can dye hair extensions! like real hair...beacuse it is!)

dirty murky water! gross!
Let all the shampoo water drain out and rinse the sink out well and turn it on to wash the hair making sure the water is again cool in temperature

 Focusing on the roots of the extensions just let the water run over them, no rubbing or scrunching again until the water at the bottom is clear

lift hair up from the top and squeeze out access water.  (You do not condition extensions, conditioners have oil in them.  You can if you want find a silicon based anti tangle spray but i don't use it.  I once overly conditioned some extensions and from then on they constantly became tangled and knotted, it was terrible so don't do it!)

squeezed out hair.
now using a towel place the extensions in the towel and gently pat them dry
And now remove the rubber band and comb each piece with a wide toothed comb.  they can get pretty tangled so be patient combing them.  Combing the extensions prior to washing can help this if they're really tangled from styling.
tangled to not tangled!
Now when drying them i use like a clothes-line technique to let them naturally dry which i leave them overnight and in the morning they're dry. but if your in a rush you can blow them over with a hair dryer set on low
shower rods make great extension drying equipment! yes it will freak out you man or any other family member when they use the room and all this hair is hanging there, but the water from the hair drips into the tub so no clean up! really its amazing.

dry hairies! they will have a little wave from drying on the curtain rod but you can just flatiron it out.


  1. I really do love your posts, they are soo detailed! really great, i dont have hair extensions but if i did i would consult this post. :)

  2. thankyou :) it was hard for me to find blogs, websites of vblogs about hair extensions so i took action!

  3. this is what i will be doing tonight i forgot to take mine out before a work out! bleugh x

  4. oooh, i am going to tell my sister about this because she has hair extensions and she doesn't know how to wash them. ;)

    p.s. i am a new follower!

    <3, Mimi