Monday, November 15, 2010

How To Put In Clip-in Extensions!

After you have made your set of clip-in's you don't have to wash them right away, I wash mine after heavy styling or when I wash my hair which is every 2 weeks.

Style your hair to match the clip-in's (I will post about other styling techniques) these are straight so straighten your hair: (i will also post how to straighten very curly hair)
I dyed my "bangs" to match the tips of my new faded extensions.
So my hair is straight with no oil-based products in it, oil-based products break up the glue that binds extensions together! So read your hair product labels!

After washing the extensions, even if their straight, they will have some pouf to them so lightly straiten each piece to match the straitness of your hair:
Puffy hair!
CHI iron guard 44, no oil and no added hold and smells so good! my fav!
On a light setting, mine is at about 350 degrees, straighten away!
This type of teasing comb is great for extensions! Got it at Sally's. You will need a comb to tease and something to part your hair.

make a U shape right above your ear, you can't place extensions below this point
up and twist! (the part wont be perfect cuz you're using your fingers so no worries!)
select a hair spray or hair powder to "anchor" the extensions so they really wont budge! I like Victoria Secrets So Sexy natural hold hair spray (smells so good).  And spray only the roots of your hair.
Take one of the thicker back-hair pieces (this is only two strips sown together) and feel along your roots to clip them in starting with the middle clip to make sure it's centered and the the outer two clips.

can't even tell!
make another part in the back of the head, working your way up, about this thick to clip the next section of hair on (only working on the back the sides of the hair are last)
spray your roots again to anchor the extensions
the second 2 layered clip-in is in
section off another layer of hair for the last back clip-in to go on (if you are doing the shorter/thicker clip-ins just add another layer so don't make the layer too thick or they will show)
spray and clip the last back one in!
let the top-not of hair down to work on the sides! you will need an additional clip for this because i tease the roots for the side of the head clip in because the hair is finer then in the back.

You will be clipping 2 hair sections on each side so pick the longest part on the side of your head, mine is here.  (note: the closer your extensions are to your part the more camouflaged your natural hair will be and less-obvious)

make a clean part with the teasing comb, a clean part matters more on the sides then the back or it will pull on your hair and be annoying.
tease your roots to help the clip-ins stay in more
spray the teased roots with hair spray 
clip it in! yikes i need to dye my roots!

on the other side do the same thing, find the longest part of your hair and that's where you'll start. 
and your going to tease and hair spray like you did the other side
clip it in! 

find the second longest part of your hair to place the second clip-in
part the hair and tease and spray
clip in the last one on this side! (if you are doing the shorter/thicker clip-ins you will just need to make one more part above this close to your part, making sure it doesn't show)

again find the second longest place on the side of your head and part, tease and spray
yay last clip-in!

touch where the clip-in's are to make sure they're even or the length will be off at the bottom, you don't want one side longer than the other!

my natural hair length vs. the extension length! (these are 19" yaky in brown that i dyed the tops to match my hair color leaving the tips brown!)

yay for fun long hair with-out the expense!

ok, it can itch! but just bat the sides of your head with your palms! The extensions will "settle" down your hair shaft which will be more comfortable.  And you can sleep with them in but it does take some getting used too! But sleeping with clip-ins in is allot better than having the whole weft put in professionally because if it is uncomfy, just take them out! wallah!


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  5. i've had a full weave done before at the same salon i buy the hair from, they told me to buy 2 reams of hair which cost 260 dollars and the they charged 200 dollars to sow them in and then a 5 dollar tip all to be taken out in a month and 200 dollars every month w/ tip to put them in!! what a waste!! i have makeup and clothes to buy!

  6. I always have trouble putting in extensions they always looked so fake, this helped alot. thankyou.

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